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Greetings, dear ones!
My name is Nastasya Shulyak, I am an artist and have been working in the technique of dry and wet felting since 2010.

Like everything important in life, working with wool began by accident. I received a strange gift from friends for the new year - a set of colored wool. I tried it and I liked it.
Two key moments convinced me to continue on this path.
Firstly, the amazing suppleness and plasticity of wool, its great possibilities. Second - tiny sparks in the eyes of my customers. I saw a childish resounding happiness in an adult holding in his hands what I had done.
Until now, it touches me, causes surprise and peace.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that the technique of dry felting is a very painstaking work, so I update the store no more than once every few months.

Until recently, my studio was located in Moscow. Now I live and work in Georgia/Sakartvello (don`t confuse with the state in the USA). There is a very inspiring nature here, there is almost no winter to which I am used to in Russia. At every turn, bizarre plants lie in wait for me, which inspire me to create new funny woolen babies.

Before I became a wool artist (ha ha), I worked as a theater artist and taught at the art school where I once studied. So my life has always been connected with art and craft in various forms.

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